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Yeah Gnar NZ

Despite existing purely as a vehicle to provide support to the skating community, we have no formal charity status and are ineligible for public grants. We are fully self-funded so everything we do is made possible by volunteering our time and all costs come from our own pockets. We are not a business, we don’t charge for our services and we make no money from the community.

How we help

There are many ways we have assisted New Zealand skateboarding and we re-evaluate based on how well our methods have served the community each competition season. These are some of the ways we have helped. We support local skaters by:

  • Driving skaters to competitions that are out of town
  • Contributing to the costs of flights to attend a competition
  • Providing hardware to skaters (boards/wheels etc)
  • Providing accommodation for competitions, both at our Headquarters and various hotels and AirBnbs
We have assisted Kiwi skaters to attend competitions all around Aotearoa, some in Australia and one in the USA.

Yeah Gnar’s support with getting skaters to competitions has been incredible. Without that, we would have no representation from Nelson

Skate School Nelson

Our son Zedyn wanted to go to the Kerikeri Vert Jam, but we had just been to another competition and didn’t think we could make it. Yeah Gnar offered to take Zedyn with them and he ended up entering his first open category and came home with a medal. He absolutely loved it and we are so thankful that he got to go because he really loves competing. It is not easy to make it to every competition when we live in Wanaka


We support local competitions by:

  • Sponsoring with cash for prizes and to cover costs of putting on an event
  • Hand crafting unique trophies and medals for competitions
  • Donating product for prize bags
  • Providing experienced judges, timekeepers and other essential staff needed to help run competitions
To date we have assisted in the launch of six brand new recurring competitions around the country.

Massive thanks to the team at Yeah Gnar for the epic trophies and supplying the prize money for the event. Yeah Gnar are epic, they do so much for the skate community. We were stoked and grateful to work with them again, true Rockstars

Acid NZ

Thomson Park Bowl Jam

This competition ran from 2009 - 2015 until it lost its funding. We teamed up with one of the previous organisers in 2018 to resurrect this much needed event for the South Island. Mark your calendars, it happens every year in Christchurch over Labour Weekend.

The vibe down at Thomson Park was chill and everyone was enjoying themselves. As a parent of a kid who spends his life on his skateboard and a social worker who works with rangatahi in the east of chch thanks for all the hard work that you guys did to pull off an event like this!


Thank you so much for an amazing event at Thomson Park - everyone was so awesomely supportive of Jake (the little 5yr old ) - he has been so inspired by the whole experience - still talking about it every day!


Equality In Skateboarding

We sponsored the bowl skating nationals, Bowlzilla, in 2018, by donating the cash needed for the Women's prize money to match the Mens. This helped set the tone for equality at New Zealand competitions and we are proud to say that Bowlzilla has had equal prize money ever since, with several other competitions following suit.

Not only the first but a very large Equality in Skateboarding moment in New Zealand. It would be safe to say today was the proudest day in New Zealand skateboarding history!


We have continued to back this up by advocating for prize equality at all competitions, and it is a condition of any competition that we sponsor

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