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Girls Skate NZ Showcase

23rd July 2018
When Girls Skate NZ first contacted us about their ladies only Skateboarding showcase, we knew it was something we wanted to attend. So we rented a large house in Auckland for the weekend and went through our roller-dex to contact all the competitive women skaters we know, offering free accommodation to help support the cause. We are pretty stoked to say that after the weekend, we have added many new women skaters to our network. It takes a lot of faith to put on a skateboarding event in the middle of winter, but the team at Girls Skate NZ were not afraid of the challenge. With a turn out of 20 participants, they may now hold the record for the most female competitors at a single skateboarding competition in New Zealand. The competition was supposed to include a street and bowl division, unfortunately the rain made it uncertain that both could be done so the decision was made to put everything into the bowl. Once the warm ups started, it quickly became clear that there was a lot of talent and the podium finish could be anyones. The supportive and friendly vibe around the bowl was just the perfect catalyst needed that saw many of the ladies pulling off new tricks for the first time, and despite some epic slams, people were walking away with a smile at the end of the day. We sincerely hope that this becomes an annual event! If you are Auckland based, and have a girl interested in skateboarding, you can get in touch with the team for more information at [email protected] and follow them on Instagram @girlsskatenz Final results: Opens 1st - Krysta Ashwell (Christchurch) 2nd - Oskana Lines (Florida) 3rd - Tanja Swanepoel (Auckland) Under 18 1st - Ela Huia (Auckland) 2nd - Billie Morrison (Auckland) 3rd - Sasha Brett (Auckland) Lil' Groms Alani (Auckland)
Author: Daroll
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