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The Hangover Classic 2021

26th October 2021

When we first started hosting the Thomson Park Bowl Jam in 2018, we didn’t just want to throw a competition, we wanted to cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie for the skaters.  This was the driving force behind the creation of the Hangover Classic.  It was a way for skaters from out of town to meet the local Christchurch crew, get an idea on what the different scenes were like around Aotearoa,  form new friendships, and of course to dust off the Hangovers from the night before.

The Hangover Classic is a low-key miniramp competition at Yeah Gnar HQ, followed by a BBQ.  Originally this was an adults only event, however with all the uncertainties of skate events this season with Covid restrictions, we decided to open it up to some Groms this year if accompanied by a parent.  

There is cash for the top 5, however what everyone is really doing it for is to have their name on the coveted Hangover Classic trophy next to previous winners, Stefan Robin and Tom Mitchell.  This makes the intensity grow throughout the jam until the snaking gets real and somebody inevitably tries the roof drop in.  We had a lot of firsts this year - it was the first time we had a parent/child team enter with Griff and Flea from Palmerston North.  Made especially awesome when 12 year old Flea kicked his Dad out of contention in the semis.  We had our first best trick with Duckewe donating a deck, which went to Zedyn Fellows for a boneless off the roof - an NBD at Yeah Gnar HQ!   And our first Under 16 winner, with the trophy going home with Niwa Shewry to Taranaki.

It was a great way to finish off an amazing weekend.  Thank you to everyone who came along and supported us, we hope we can do it again next year!  If you want to see some of the action, there is some footage on our YouTube channel

Final Results:

1st - Niwa Shewry (Oakura)

2nd - Luke Child (Christchurch)

3rd - Willy Bartlett (Dorset)

4th - Flea Griffin (Palmerston North)

5th - Troy Newton (Christchurch)

Duckewe Best Trick - Zedyn Fellows (Wānaka)

Author: Daroll
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