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Thomson Park Bowl Jam 2021

29th October 2021
There were many uncertainties going into the Thomson Park Bowl Jam this year.  For the two weeks building up to it, we were watching the 1pm updates to see if we were going to get a covid case in Christchurch that would put us into lockdown,  if the lockdowns would be lifted up North to allow our Auckland skaters to make it, and even if we would have to shut down the competition on the day if more than 100 people showed up to watch and we couldn't manage the crowd.

We are so thankful that it went off without a hitch, and we have to show our appreciation to the New Brighton community who heeded our call not to come down and watch, but stay at home and wait for the video replay.  Without their cooperation, we could not have pulled this off under Level 2 restrictions.  And much love to our friends in Australia and Auckland who weren't allowed to travel, you were missed.
Congratulations to all the people who skated on the day, here are the results from the finals:
1. Zedyn Fellows (Wānaka)   1. Krysta Ashwell (Canterbury)
2. Niwa Shewry (Taranaki)      2. Holly Reynolds (Canterbury)
3. Kyle Monaghan (Canterbury)  3. Evelyn Armstrong (Wānaka)
4. Beau Hanson (Canterbury)     4. Lucie Malpot (Nelson)
5. Isaiah Thornton (Canterbury) 5. Tegen Bishop (Canterbury)
6. Kerehama Milroy (Canterbury)    6. Poppy Epicc (Canterbury)
1. Lochie Barrie (Canterbury)  1. Von Griffin (Manawatū)
2. Flea Griffin (Manawatū) 2. Brendan Mulder (North Canterbury)
3. Dylan Dempsey (Canterbury)  3. Raph Doidge (Canterbury)
4. Winton Ansley (Canterbury)  
5. Max GD (Canterbury)  
6. Connor O'Leary (Canterbury)  
The winners of our sponsored categories were;
Blacklisted Belts Best Slam - Poppy Epicc
44 Ramps Grom of the Day - Cooper Mulder
Pier People's Highest Air - Zedyn Fellows
Thanks again to everyone who made this day happen, our MCs Captain Johnny from S.L.S and George from Cheapskates Skate Skool and our amazing sponsors.  You can catch the full replay on our YouTube channel
Author: Daroll
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